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6m x 4m Canopy Garden Room

Dear Stuart,

6m x 4m Canopy Garden Room - OecoYes keeping very well thank you and my son and his friends are getting very excited about the Pod (that’s what they have called it!) official opening on 22nd December, but bless them they are not aware yet…that I will be charging an admission fee each time! Please also note that I have had enquires from my neighbors and may need to hold an open day in promoting Oeco :)

Stuart we would like to say a BIG thank you and to Jon and Matti who demonstrated their craftsmanship and professionalism (prior to a few minor teething problems in the first week), and overall it has been a very positive experience and we are both extremely pleased with the end product and result, so much so that my husbands has already shown me a drum kit that he would like for Christmas!

Kind regards Karen and Dewi.

Bespoke 6m x 4m Canopy Garden Studio

The is a recently completed 6m x 4m Canopy Garden Studio which we have recently installed for Mr & Mrs Spencer.

Its comes with 5m aluminium bi-folding doors and aluminium window and bespoke extra decking to the right hand side.

Customer Testimonial & Photo

6m x 4m Canopy Garden Studio (Customer Photo)Stuart I would just like to say a big thank you, to you and your team, especially for the very excellent job that your fitters Michael and Sam did during the construction and completion of the project.

The were both very professional and carried out their work to a very high standard indeed, they kept us informed and upto date with what to expect each day and were only too willing to accommodate fresh ideas and offer suggestions.

The standard of everything is excellent and we really couldn’t be more happy.

I have already recommend you to friends.

Please feel free to use our Garden room on your web site I’m very proud of it.

Thanks again
Pete and Karen Spencer


Garden Rooms Extensions

Garden Rooms manufactured and installed by Oeco aren’t strictly speaking extensions in the traditional sense; yes it’s an extra room to your house which is fully equipped with all the mod cons like double glazing, electricity and running water, but it’s a free-standing structure so not like a traditional brick and mortar extension which is attached to your house.

We offer a wide range of sizes in all of our Garden Rooms & Offices and they even come in a variety of styles so you can choose which suits your garden design best, or which one you like the look of.

Concave Garden Room OecoOur range of Concave Garden Rooms offer a truly unique building as the majority of the front section is sunk or concave, leaving a small porch area that is sheltered and could be a useful place to position a chair and read a book whilst still in the shade of your new Concave Garden Room.

Cube Garden Room OecoOur Cubed Garden Office has a pretty plain yet stylish front with nothing overhanging the top or sides and just a nice piece of simple decking along the bottom. This is the sort of garden room that won’t look out of place in any garden small or large.

Canopy Garden Room OecooThe Canopy Garden Room is pretty much as the name suggests – there is a slight canopy overhanging the front of the Garden Room. This is a really nice feature that finishes off your new Garden Room or Office. With the overhanging canopy this also allows you to have halogen lights placed in it which will illuminate the front of your garden room when the sun is setting.


Garden Rooms Budget Guide

When you’re purchasing a garden room it is only natural to look around varying online and offline suppliers, in order to get the best possible deal. Even the smallest garden rooms can cost around £10,000 so it would be silly to go to the first supplier when spending such a large amount of money.

Some of the largest garden rooms can be over £20,000 so having a budget for your garden room is a very good idea.

Canopy Garden Room 5m Wide x 3m DeepYou will also need to remember the purpose of garden room when planning your budget. Nearly all garden rooms will come ready to use, so there’s no need to budget for extra fittings. If you’re planning on having your garden room as a home cinema suite then you might want to budget extra money for a large LED or Plasma TV, extra cabling and so on. Speaker cables can be run through the walls out of sight to the end speaker location but this must be confirmed before the build stage. Extra sofas, bookcases and rugs can all add to the cost unless you already have these extra items at your disposal.

If you want to have an electricity supply in your new garden room then you will need to get a fully qualified electrician to address your needs; this also needs to be included in your budget.

If you’re a keen DIY person then you may wish to finish some of the garden room yourself which may save on your budget slightly allowing for a larger garden room. We can leave your garden room at varying different stages for you from a bare shell with no plaster boards, to a fully plastered room which you can paint a colour of your choice. This can be talked over with our sales team during your garden room purchase.